Kids Book (Mossy and the Monster)


Mossy and the Monster will delight your child with a true horsey adventure. Mossy the brave Clysdale will save the day and teach his friends the valuable lesson in overcoming their fears.



This Australian hardcover quality children’s book relates directly to the horsey child. With funny horse terminology, this delightful tale of a Clydesdale called Mossy and his paddock mates have an experience that we can all relate too as horsey people, a confrontation with a dreaded plastic bag!

Yet Mossy is not just any horse, he is “Giant and glossy, woefully cranky and awfully bossy” Mossy teaches children that we can overcome our fears and lead the way in showing our friends that being confident helps us overcome our limitations.

Written by Vanessa Beaumont and illustrated by Tabitha Osztreicher


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