It’s every horse owner’s dread! It’s a freezing morning, you have already rushed out the door to a frozen windscreen, panic-stricken, and trying to yell two kids into the car so you won’t miss the school bus and as a last resort you throw their water from their drink bottles over the frozen windscreen just so you can see where you are going.

When you arrive home its hay time. Boots crunching on frozen grass. As you grab half a bale of hay you get your favourite jumper totally covered in a thousand pieces of dried grass. You then proceed to place piles of hay in strategic places, which only a true horse person would understand.

Then you notice that your pride and joy is not moving, actually, he is pathetically holding his off hind in a scary way. Thoughts race through your mind that you gave him the whole winter off!

And now this!

He has roamed all winter Al natural a healthy shaggy coat. You race inside and google lameness for an hour which only puts yourself in more despair.

The blame goes directly to those introduced pests, Rabbits! Yet you then feel guilty for not checking the paddock before you rotated paddocks.

So to cut a long story short I realised that my boy needed forced rest in a smaller area. Luckily I had a post and rail yard. But with rain forecast, it was going to be a week of really cold weather. If he was sound he could gallop and canter and be warm as toast or huddle with his mate under the Blackwood tree. But in The arena, he was exposed. The thing is every time you touch a horse that has developed a good winter coat they feel warm, yes warm, even in the freezing cold. Why is this you ask? It is because horses body temperature is way higher than humans, so they do not feel the cold as much as we do.

But I had this predicament, yes sick horse, no movement. So that is where the Macs Equine Cool Heat Horse rugs come into play. The only rug of its kind. You can almost say a way out there invention that happened to tick all the boxes and is practically amazing! Why do I say this?

Because what other rug does not overheat a horse with a full winter coat? None because every other rug on the market squishes the hair down so it lays flat on the horses back. Not the Cool Heat though, it lifts the rug up off the horses back and allows the horse to regulate its own body temperature.

So the Cool Heat = happy horse because the horse can regulate its own body temperature under the rug, by lifting up its hair follicle to capture heat and lowering them by contracting the hair follicles so they will lie flat and dissipate the heat. No overheating horses ever again!

So as much as I am saddened by his lame leg I have hope that it will heal. The good news is I can keep him quiet and content in an Innovative Equestrian Cool Heat Rug.

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