Illusion winning the junior barrel race at Peterborough rodeo competing in her pee wee bit. She has also won Showjumping events using the pee wee. Awesome bit.
Hannah Moat
As a professional Horseman for over 25 years now, I have started young horses under saddle in many different headgear from halters to bosals to snaffle bits and although I have received many great results from all of them, I have been very impressed with the ‘Pee Wee’ bit on my youngsters. These two pics show one of my three year olds on their second session of formal training with less than an hour and a half of wearing the ‘Pee Wee’ bit, he was comfortably accepting it and offering up movements that far belied his training time. I myself have never been one to change from one piece of equipment to another in order to achieve great results but the proof is always in the pudding and I consider the ‘Pee Wee’ bit to be the most easily accepted and understood bit I have ever used on a young horses first ride and the main reason I like it so much is that after a few short rides in it, they will transfer over to any snaffle bit of your choosing with little to no trouble at all. For lateral Flexion and cool and calm rein responses, I cannot help but walk away from this bit (with its peculiar name) with the utmost respect for the comfort and communication it brings to our dear equine students. – Guy McLean
Guy Mclean
I have used the pee Wee bit on 3 different horses now with very positive results-especially with a recently retired Throughbred racehorse. He was initially difficult to bridle, strong, pulling and fighting, yanking the bit, tense, trying to bolt and not much “stop”,Fun! I had been using a Pee Wee on my other 2 horses, and decided to try it on this horse. Within a short time his behavior changed dramatically. He is now relaxed, light, passive and responsive. We have a much more light and sensitive communication. I find the bit gives more stability to the connection with the horses mouth, encourages him to relax and is quieter in his mouth. The bit is noninvasive and wont pull through the mouth as the horse is learning to turn. After spending many years looking for a better alternative I believe the Pee Wee bit gives my horses the comfort and harmonious “feel” I desire. “Less is always more” is always the best option for horses.
Angela Morley