Cool Heat Horse Rug


The only horse rug that lets your horse regulate its own body temperature.

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  •  We apologize for the certain sizes sold out due to the current situation. We will be fully stocked again next season, we thank you for your understanding.
  • Cool heat Horse Rug Flyer
  • Soft insulators lift the rug up and keep it in place so it doesn’t slip
  • Perfectly suited for the cooler seasons and helps protect against direct wind chill and rain
  • Suitable for temperatures from -10 degrees to 18 degrees
  • Sits up off the horse’s back so the horse’s hair follicles can lift and contract to capture and dissipate the heat
  • Cleans and dries a wet, muddy horse within an hour
  • Allows the horse’s hair to wick away moisture under the Cool Heat Horse Rug resulting in a clean and dry horse
  • perfect for temperature variations between -10 degrees to 19 degrees
  • The Cool Heat does not overheat your horse

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5'0" UK/AUS (equivalent measurements 12-13 hands, 152cm, 3'9" NZ), 5'3" UK/AUS (equivalent measurements 13-14 hands, 160cm, 4'0" NZ), 5'6" UK/AUS (equivalent measurements 14-14.2 hands, 168cm, 4'3" NZ), 5'9" UK/AUS (equivalent measurements 14.2-15 hands, 175cm, 4'6" NZ), 6'0" UK/AUS (equivalent measurements 15-15.2 hands, 183cm, 4'9" NZ), 6'3" UK/AUS (equivalent measurements 15-16 hands, 190cm, 5'0" NZ), 6'6" UK/AUS (equivalent measurements 16-16.2 hands, 198cm, 5'3" NZ), 6'9" UK/AUS (equivalent measurements 16.2-17 hands, 206cm, 5'6" NZ), 7'0" UK/AUS (equivalent measurements 17 hands and over, 213cm, 5'9" NZ)


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