The Patented Innovative Equestrian Pee Wee Horse bit sits differently in the horse’s mouth than any other bit out there. For this reason, we provide you with a detailed video of how to fit your Pee Wee horse bit to your bridle. First, it must be noted that the Pee Wee has two very important features. The first being that it has a floating mouthpiece. For the floating mouthpiece to work it must sit passively over the horse’s tongue in a ground-parallel position in the horse’s mouth. The mouthpiece is free to move back and forward as the horse swallows and chews and moves its tongue. It never causes any direct pressure on the tongue nor does it touch the upper soft palate of the horse’s mouth as it is ergonomically designed as a Mullen mouth shape with a thinner mouthpiece that allows plenty of room for the horse’s tongue and soft Palate. The Pee Wee sits low in the horse’s mouth as this enables the floating mouthpiece to work. So it is noted that one would have to lower their cheek straps if they are using their existing bridle. Only a slight bulge should appear in the corners of the horse’s mouth.

The second important feature is that the side rings fold over the sidebars. This feature is important as the Pee Wee Horse bit is the only bit that does not contact the sensitive sides of the horse’s mouth. Instead, the contact comes from the outside of the horse’s lower jaw. When the rein is applied a soft pressure is placed from the bars to the outside of the horse’s lower law. This is an easy signal that the horse easily moves away from.

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