Revolutionary Cool Heat Horse Rug

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The Cool Heat Horse Rug is as close to natural as you can get!..

The Cool Heat Horse Rug is as close to natural as you can get! 

Sold Australia and New Zealand wide 
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Sizing Chart for the Cool Heat Horse Rug

Important Cool Heat Fitting instructions

The table below is just a guide. If your horse or pony is solid and a heavier build, it is recommended to go up a size even if the measurement from chest to rump states otherwise. If you are unsure please email for sizing information or call 0409499408   

Height Of Horse     Feet and inches AUS/UK  Sizing in centimeters   New Zealand

12- 13 hands


152 cm


13 – 14 hands


160 cm


14 – 14.2 hands


168 cm


14.2 - 15 hands


175 cm


15 – 15.2 hands


183 cm


15.2 – 16 hands


190 cm


16 – 16.2 hands


198 cm


16.2 – 17 hands


206 cm


17 hands and over


213 cm



The Cool Heat has a 1200 Denier rip stop outer waterproof Sheet, with an inside cotton and nylon lining with rows of soft flexible plastic insulators attached which lift the rug 12 mm/1/2 inch up off the horse’s body. The Cool Heat Horse Rug is effective in temperatures ranging from -10 degrees to 20 degrees 
With its unique design the Cool Heat Horse Rug stays in one place without slipping sideways so no more time wasting straightening rugs.
The Cool Heat allows the horse’s natural process of thermal regulation to take place allowing the horse to control its own safe body temperature. So no overheating occurs when you use a Cool Heat Horse Rug. 
The Cool Heat allows the horse to sweat freely and dry safely underneath the rug because the horse can use its own drying process by using its own hair to wick away the moisture. 

The Cool Heat is the only rug that you can hose down your horse and after scraping and cooling your horse off, you can put the rug directly onto a wet horse. This is because the horse can safely dry under the rug by wicking away the moisture from its coat combined with dissipated body heat circulating under the rug. The Cool Heat can also be used on a horse with a thick winter coat, so it can be used when an un rugged horse needs to be rugged occasionally. 

The Cool Heat horse rug can be left on from temperatures ranging from
 -10 degrees to 20 degrees, so it is the only rug a horse would need during spring, autumn and winter.

Perfect for hot horses as the Cool Heat Horse Rug never over heats a horse!

The Cool Heat Horse Rug is just like a moving shelter protecting the horse from direct wind chill and rain!

In most cases the Cool Heat horse rug causes no rubbing, yet horses come in different shapes and sizes, that is where the Cool Heat horse rug can be self-adjusted by unpicking and removing any insulator which may be rubbing. It is simple to unpick an insulator and does not affect the performance of the rug. This allows every type of horse conformation to fit the rug. Also ensure you have the correct size as a size that is too small could cause rubbing.

The Cool Heat Horse Rug is as next to natural as you can get! Dave the inventor was tired of seeing horses on sunny winter days fully Doona rugged and not moving. “They just looked so uncomfortable” He said. He wanted to solve the problem! He wanted a solution for these over rugged horses suffering a life of overheating that was damaging their health and wellbeing and that is when the idea came to develop the Cool Heat Horse Rug.

Step 1

Start your measurement from the very middle of the horse's chest directly under the middle of the neck. Starting at this point, pass your measuring tape across to your horse's shoulder, then around the shoulder and all the way along past your horse’s belly/side of your horse, finishing at the end of the horse's rump. Imagine your horse is standing with its backside firmly up against a wall and your measuring tape should reach to the wall. This is the end point of your measurement

Step 2

Now look at the size chart above and using your measurement, select your correct size rug. If you are experienced around horses you will know what size rug your horse requires. If you are new to owning a horse and are measuring for a rug for the first time and are not confident with your measuring please email us with any questions you may have and we can help you get the correct size

Step 3

When you are fitting your selected rug/blanket on your horse, ensure the straps are secured correctly and, for safety reasons, secure them in the following order. (When removing your rug/blanket follow the reverse order)

Secure the chest straps at the front of the rug/blanket

Secure the belly straps, ensuring they are not too tight. It is important that you can comfortably place a clenched fist between the straps and the belly

Secure the leg straps loosely around the horse's legs, passing the second secured strap through the first secured strap. It is important that the straps do not hang over or below the horse's hock when secured and that the black elastic strap with the clip is secured directly to the rug. 

Try a Cool Heat today and see why it is the Common sense choice!

The Science behind the rug.

A horse’s body temperature is higher than a humans, ranging up to 38.3 Celsius yet it can be higher on a warmer day. A horses own coat is an effective instrument in regulating its own body temperature by the process called Piloerection. This important function is the process of thermal regulation. It is the horse's ability to speed up heat loss from the body or increase heat retention using their hair follicles. Each individual hair follicle has a small muscle fiber attached to the base called the "Arrector pili" and a dermal tissue is located on the other end.

When the horse feels its body cooling in cold weather the Arrector pili contract all at once and then the hair follicles stand erect. As the heat is dissipating from the body it has to flow through these upright hair follicles which dramatically slows down heat loss and helps to retain the body’s heat against the skin, thus keeping the horse warm. In simple laymen’s terms when the horses hair is raised it traps the heat, keeping the animal warm and when the horse’s hair flattens, it allows the heat to dissipate, keeping the horse cool.   
All in all this process is so effective the question is why are we putting on horse rugs? Domestication is a good answer as we confine our Equines to smaller pastures without sufficient shelter. Not all domestic horses need to be rugged yet we understand that not everyone can create the perfect domestic horse habitat. So that is where the Cool Heat Horse rug can help. By lifting a strong 1200 Denier Polyester 100% waterproof rain sheet up of the horses back with the aid of soft flexible plastic insulators we get to keep the perfect process of Piloerection. The Cool Heat is really just a comfortable moving shelter that protects the horse from direct wind chill and rain. Effective in temperatures ranging from -10 to 20degrees

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Another very important function for thermal regulation is the horse's ability to regulate blood flow from the body's inner core to just under the skin's surface. The horse's blood naturally travels from deep inside the body through arteries and then into dilated blood vessels just below the skin's surface where it is effectively cooled before returning deep inside the inner core of the body. The opposite occurs when the horse is feeling cold. When the horse feels its body temperature starting to drop in cool weather it can constrict these blood vessels just under the skin's surface to prevent it losing rapid heat loss.

The Innovative Equestrian Cool Heat Horse rug is not suitable for a machaine wash. 

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