Innovative Equestrian introduces the Pee Wee Horse bit. This amazing patented technology focuses on eliminating common mouthing issues. As a horse moves its tongue back and forth, most horse bits often cause pain. For example with a broken snaffle, when the rider pulls on the reins, the nutcracker action of the snaffle takes effect, it pinches the horse’s tongue causing direct pain. The horse’s reaction is to toss its head into the air breaking the connection between horse and rider.

The innovative technology of the Pee Wee horse bit is that it has a floating mouthpiece. This feature glides freely with the horse’s tongue never putting any pressure, thus allowing the horse to swallow and breathe freely.

Many horse’s are sensitive in the corners of their mouth. All other bits contact the sensitive sides of the horse’s mouth. Causing pinching. This discomfort and pain can make the horse resist the rider’s signals. Bracing is a side effect of this as the horse will actually push into the pain. It also creates resistance to putting on the bridle.

The Pee Wee Horse bit is vastly different because it is the only horse bit on the market that does not contact the sensitive sides of the horse’s mouth.

The large rings fold over so there is absolutely no contact to the corners of the horse’s mouth. The direction comes from the outside of the lower jaw. The Pee Wee horse bit is designed with a bar that is placed on the outside of the lower jaw. This is called Push technology. This bit has a special way of being fitted.

The signal is similar to a finger pushing on the outside of your lower jaw. It is a natural desire to move away from that pressure. This Push technology allows the horse to respond instantly and lightly without fear, pain or discomfort. The communication between rider and horse is at an optimum level.

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